Achieve your online goals

You’re nearly there – the last step in achieving your online goals is through e-Marketing and continuous improvement.

It doesn’t matter how good your website is, it won’t deliver you 100% results unless you combine appropriate online and offline marketing efforts. As a starting point, spread the word about your new website to existing customers and other stakeholders.

In terms of e-Marketing, there are many avenues. First, let’s look at organic search engine listing and pay per click marketing.

Organic listing is when your website comes up on the search engine result pages for a specific keyword search. After optimising your website for specific keywords, one of your key tasks should be to improve your PageRank on Google.

PageRank is a term coined by the Google search engine. It’s Google’s way of measuring the importance of your webpage on a scale of 0 to 10. It is calculated by the number and quality of links coming into your webpage versus the number and quality of links going out of your webpage. It’s like a voting system. Generally speaking, an incoming link of PageRank 1 and above will increase your PageRank and an outgoing link will do the opposite. One of the best ways to increase your PageRank is to get incoming links from highly page-ranked web-pages.

Now, if you’ve properly optimised your webpage for your specified keyword and your page-rank is relatively high, your chances of climbing to the top of the results list will be high. Any traffic generated out of such listings is free and considered relatively credible by most internet users.

But getting the top position on page 1 of an organic results list can be time consuming and slow. Pay-per-click advertisements are generally a faster way of advertising. Each time anyone clicks on your advertised link or banner, it will cost you as per your campaign cost. This is a good way to advertise, however, you should be careful when choosing your keywords. It’s more cost effective if you advertise for a product specific keyword rather than a generic category keyword.

There are other types of highly effective e-Marketing avenues which can help you increase your revenues substantially and I would be pleased to discuss these further.

In most cases, customers will visit your website a few times before purchasing from it. Make sure you regularly update the banners, images, and offers on your website to keep it exciting for the repeat visitor.

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