Let’s talk about SEO!

If you have a website and are wondering how to better capitalise on your online presence, then you may need to optimise your website for various search engines.

Search engine optimisation or SEO is a commonly used term in the online world and it refers to fine-tuning your website so that it can achieve a high ranking on search engine result pages.

So, is SEO the ultimate all access pass to your online business dreams?
Yes and no. It’s one thing to generate traffic and another to convert it into sales. Based on your business model, you will have to keep a balance between a search optimised website and user focused website. The following steps will help you plan a better SEO for your website.

Select the right keywords for your business:
One of the most common mistakes website owners make, is that they choose key words which are too broad or try to optimise too many search channels at once. For example, ‘music’ is too broad, instead use ‘acoustic guitars’ or ‘piano repairs’.

Do a comprehensive SEO analysis:
Get a professional website company to do a comprehensive search engine analysis report for your website. A good report will have an in-depth study covering more than 100 factors that affect your search engine ranking and will also provide a detailed competitive outlook.

Website tweaks:

Based on the report, go through all the factors one by one and act on the suggestions given in the report. Start from the most essential factors and follow through.

For example: Have your primary keyword on the homepage title, the page heading and the page contents. It is also a good idea to seek your website developer’s help throughout the tweaking process.

Regularly update and re-index your content:
Search engine spiders and robots are the automated mini-software which index your website content for the engine. Based on your website these bots will auto-index your content every now and again. However, do not wait for the search engine spiders and robots to crawl through your website. After each major tweak, submit your website for re-indexing. You can do it yourself on major search engines or use the expertise of your web-developers to index on multiple search engines.

Remember, gaining a top ranking doesn’t happen over-night. So, be patient and keep doing all the right things and it will happen.
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