iPod, iPhone and now iPad – Is Apple up for a hat-trick?

Mid-last year, I switched my long-lasting loyalty with Nokia to iPhone 3GS and have never looked back. Except for the battery life, so far I love almost everything about the iPhone. If you have an iPhone, I bet you love it too. Now, Apple has launched a new product in the market called ‘iPad’.
iPad is a portable device, which performs many key features of a computer, but is not quite a computer. It is about 9.5” high and 7.5” wide; similar to a notepad. It is not in the same space of a laptop or a tablet computer. It sits nicely between an iPhone and a laptop. It’s slim and only 0.73kg in weight. There is no mouse, no keyboard. Its multitouch LED screen has an inbuilt touch keyboard. It has been simplified to do those regular daily tasks, such as checking emails, browsing the web, interacting in the social media space (facebook, twitter, chat), playing games, and browsing photos and videos.

It all sounds well and good. But, the obvious question that comes to our mind is where would we use this iPad? At work, we have access to our work computer. At home, we have our home computer. For most other times, you have your iPhone or a mobile phone within your reach.
Well, I think you’ll be surprised how iPad will fit right in between your daily routines. Imagine a one click start on your coffee or breakfast table, you can just pick-up your iPad to check emails. You don’t have to go to your study or home-office desk. It could very well be sitting on your bedside table from last night, when you were reading a book on your iPad. Just pick-up and start using. One fully charged battery will give you about 10 hours. It’s just a simpler and more flexible option.
How good it is for business people or work? Again, I think the possibilities are endless. Personally I don’t like checking emails on my mobile when I’m on the road. Many a times, opening a laptop is simply too time-consuming to check one or two emails. I didn’t have any other choice before, but a bigger, portable screen will be my obvious choice when browsing the web on the road. Importantly, you can back up all your data from your iPad to your computer. You can also synchronise your iPad, iPhone and your computer.
It uses same platform as the iPhone. There are many more features available via the Apps store. With microphone and the 3G network, I guess we’ll be able to make calls via Skype. It’s missing a web-cam at this stage and I would like to see a radio added in it to make it more interesting. I think this product will evolve over time. Is iPad for you? I was discussing iPad with a friend yesterday and he didn’t like the idea of iPad at all and can’t see the applicability of it in his life. So, I’ll have to say it is not for everyone. Let’s wait and see where this takes us.
Frankly, I can’t wait to get my hands on iPad. Let me know what you think about it.

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