New WiDi technology for HD Web experience

Say goodbye to those messy cables in the lounge room and hello to a new way of driving customers to your business! Intel recently launched its Core i5 and i7 processors with WiDi, which stands for wireless display technology. With a click of a button on your laptop, you can wirelessly transmit the screen to your television in high definition.
You can browse the web, watch a movie, view YouTube videos, and look at your photos – the list just goes on. To truly enhance the experience, WiDi also transmits sound to your home theatre or sound system. Plug in your Bluetooth wireless keyboard with a mouse and you’ll be king of your lounge room!

How does this technology affect us as business owners? Well, we all watch television – it’s an important part of our lives.
Currently, advertising on the web is more economical than advertising on television. So it follows that you’re likely to get more for your advertising spend when customers start browsing the web from televisions in their lounge rooms.
Customers will be more be relaxed by virtue of the fact that they’re in their lounge rooms and already used to watching adverts on the TV.
Through WiDi, you’ll be able to promote your business on popular websites using interactive banner advertisements.
Thinking ahead, you might want potential customers to play a small flash game online as a part of your advertisement or encourage customers to ‘click to go in a draw to win’. You will then ask them to fill in a simple registration form through their TV.
What’s more, you could combine your advertisement with a timebound discount offer with customers clicking through to your website and buying online.
What is so amazing is this is all made possible from the television. The possibilities are just endless when you start combining television with web. So, if you have been thinking about starting that eCommerce store or online ordering system, this is the time to do it.
Like it or not, web is going to be an even more important part of our lives.
Take time to find out more about WiDi technology because it is coming to lounge rooms soon.

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