Online selling to under 18s

At times I think that the new generation GenZ will even breathe online if it was possible. With this in mind, there is a new payment method for online shopping which you need to know about if your target market is under 18.

VISA has introduced – a new way for merchants to accept micro-payments ($20 or less) as well as other payments online. Designed and developed within Australia, this new facility specifically caters for young users who don’t have a credit card.

There is no transaction fee to the user – simply create an account, add money using credit or debit cards or BPay and you are in the picture. It is very similar to PayPal. Personally, I don’t like the name ‘pay click’, but let’s wait and see how the market responds to it.

Pay Click is targeted to both GenY and GenZ who are growing-up with a large variety of online technologies in their hands.

Until now, the only missing piece was a lack of an online secure payment facility that imitates the traditional ‘pocket money’ system. This facility matches that missing piece.

Parents can create a sponsored account for their children, keep track of their purchases, control the spending as required, and top-up the account like digital pocket money.

Parents/sponsor’s details are fully confidential and funds can only be spent if added by the sponsor’s account.

With such a system, parents can feel safe and secure while their children enjoy the online shopping experience within a controlled environment.

As a merchant, I think there is going to be very strict guidelines for the sign-ups. Keeping in mind the sensitivity of this target market, there is also likely to be very strict guidelines for selling items. But, if done correctly, this payment method could revolutionise the online shopping experience.

This year alone, micro-payments could exceed $600 million in Australia. Furthermore, speculations are that by 2014, ecommerce spending in Australia could double.

Combine the two, along with the potential of new generation technologies, and you will easily see the potential of this new facility.

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