Boost efficiency through your website

You can increase business efficiency, save costs and improve customer and employee satisfaction through business process automation which can be integrated with your website. Why not use online technology to replace many manual tasks or processes and transform your business to work more efficiently. Below are some examples of business process automation.

Integrated customer relationship management system
CRMs are designed typically to help businesses effectively manage prospects or customers. In many cases CRMs are integrated with websites and do far more than simple reminders and client follow-up that we typically associate with these systems.

Quotation builder
For some companies, building a quote can be an extensive, timeconsuming, manual process. These quotation systems can also be automated. Furthermore, they can be integrated with online payment systems to reduce accounts receivables.

Job allocation/staff management
Job allocation or staff management systems can be auotmated. Automated emails or SMS can be sent to staff or contractors when jobs are allocated to them. Staff or contractors can login to their panel and change the job status and update their information and details.
These programs can be built to enable you to walk your new employees through your business processes which results in reduced training costs and leaves less room for error. Report generation can be automated which enables staff efficiency to be reviewed and potential bottle-necks identified within a business.

Online project management
For many small businesses, project management is a critical task. Retail software cannot always be customised to suit individual business processes and in many cases it is just too expensive to do so. To manage a project online, it is not enough to merely assign tasks or jobs according to resources. It is also necessary to have the ability to drill into tasks as they are being carried out. Further, in most cases clients will want to be regularly updated on progress and associated charges.
These tasks can all be integrated through your website’s client login panel. Taking your project online enables you to delegate the follow-up on dependent tasks to your employees and facilitates better information flow within the business.
Such online components can be built into your website and can offer a highly interactive and rewarding experience for all users. Best of all, it enables management of your business to move from short-term tactics to long-term strategic planning.

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