10 tips to make your website more visible

The process of tweaking a website to help attain better ranking is known as ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ and is commonly referred as ‘SEO’. Here is a quick checklist to help you with SEO:

    1. Choose your keywords carefully; remember quality not quantity.
    2. Make sure your keywords are properly listed on your webpages. Do not try to target too many keywords for one page. Start with 2-3 keywords per page.

  1. If you are using a content management system and manage the website yourself, don’t forget to change the meta-tags for each page. If you have static website, check with your developers to ensure that correct meta-tags are applied on all pages of your website.
  2. Check with your developers that they have given attributes to all images on your website.
  3. For any site with 7 or more pages, sitemap is essential. This is especially required for all CMS based websites.
  4. Add something new to the website at least twice a month. The more the better. Accordingly ask for a regular search engine submission service from your web developers so that they can submit the site on search engines at least every quarter.
  5. Make sure your business is listed on Google Places (Google Map) and other local directories.
  6. Ask other websites to link back to your website. Remember, quality is preferred over quantity.
  7. Have a good social media linkage. Give your website links in your twitter, facebook or blogs.
  8. Every six months get comprehensive SEO analysis done for your website. Use the findings to keep improving your website.

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