Apple vs Mango – take your pick!

Microsoft has decided to bring the fight out into the open by ‘codenaming’ its new mobile phone ‘Mango’. I think this is the first time any phone will give some head-to-head competition to Apple’s iPhone. It has some mpressive features and frankly, it shook my loyalty with iPhone a little. Let’s take a look:

Awesome communication
Mango has all your conversations stored by the person. Be it SMS, emails, facebook, twitter, online chats, phone calls and even voicemails. When you click on a contact, it displays your conversationtreads in a user-friendly format. It shows if your friend is online at that time and gives you an option to connect with them.You can also put all your email inboxes and calendars, personal as well as work, all in one place, so, you don’t have to check 3 different calendars. Another great feature!

Juicy Apps & 3D
In Mango, apps are seamlessly integrated into the phone. for example you can pin your boarding pass for the next flight from an Airline’s app on your home screen, so that you don’t have to look for it at the time of check-in. The Mango also dutifully handles multi-tasking. For example you can move from one game to another without exhausting your battery life. The Mango also interacts with Microsoft’s XBOX Live.

Smooth mobile web
The Mango provides rich interactive search results, an improvement over the boring old blue links. It then seamlessly connects your results with the most suitable app on your phone. The Mango provides indoor maps for public places, integrated with store directories and current location information.

Cool new feature
September last year, I talked about future technologies. Mango has embraced one of them. With Mango, you can now perform a ‘visual search’ using your phone camera for things such as the Books. It will search and find the book on the internet and can also allow you to purchase online.
Now, I can’t really explain some of its great features in few words; you really need to watch a video of this. You can find the video on Synapse Worldwide’s facebook page or by searching ‘Microsoft Mango’ on youtube.
So, that’s Mango! Let me know what you are likely to pick next; Apple or Mango?

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