Sneak peek into the future of technology

When computers and the Internet initially came into our lives, they changed how we thought and did business. The next exciting phase of technology will better fuse the digital and physical worlds. Here are some inventions you might want to get your head around.

Emotiv EPOC – brain-computer interface device

This amazing device can help you control your computers. Instead of using a mouse or a keyboard, you can simply command the computer using your brain. This device looks like a headset and is wireless. Put it on, let it sync with your brain and you are on. It can be used on a variety of applications from games to wheelchair controls.

g-speak operating environment

Remember Tom Cruise in the movie Minority Report? This is the same operating system. It takes computer interfaces to the next level. Using hi-tech gloves on your hands, you can interact with your
computer. No mouse, no keyboard, let your hands do the talking in a 3D interface.

BumpTop desktop interface

Google recently acquired BumpTop – a 3D desktop interface that works in a similar way to our physical desks. Unlike traditional computer desktops the BumpTop desktop can look however you would like it to look. You can make certain icons bigger or smaller, you can pin-up photos or notes on your 3D wall, you can keep your desk tidy, or leave it in an organised mess, like mine.

SixthSense device

SixthSense was developed at the MIT media lab and is by far the winner of the lot. This wearable device facilitates interactions between our physical and digital world. It is like having an ultra-mobile computer on your neck, along with a mobile, a webcam, a project and four finger-tips with wireless internet. No limitations – any surface can be your screen. From using your palm as a dialing pad to taking photos using hand gestures, this device truly gives a feeling of freedom from idiot-box technology. I just can’t wait to get my hands on this. Go and search ‘sixthsense device’

From 3D interfaces to ultra-mobile computers, the next decade will help us step away from traditional computers and bridge the gap between our digital and physical world, and ultimately bring more life
into our lives.

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