Riding the wave of social media

No matter where you go, people are all talking about social media whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin— the list goes on! Business and government are integrating social media strategies as part of their day-to-day usiness and small business needs to ensure that they are exploring and embracing these new avenues.

Recently, my wife and I were looking for a new dishwasher. What does this have to do with social media, you may ask?

We decided on a well-known brand that was recommended by the retail stores we spoke to and seemed to have all the features we needed. Then, my wife went online to research this product. She found that although the dishwasher generally had good reviews, there were some concerns with one of the key features that we wanted. After further research, we decided that this dishwasher was not the right product for us. Without the help of online forums and reviews written by users across Australia, we would have made the wrong purchasing decision.

Social media is not just about creating a Facebook page or a Twitter account. Let’s imagine a huge party at Manuka Oval. There are groups of people talking about all kind of things. Let’s say you find a group which was talking about one of the products or service your business provides. Maybe someone was looking for the best option, another one may have had a bad experience and someone else may be just curious etc. I am sure you would want to join the conversation and offer your thoughts on the topic. This is plain old conversation. The same scenario applies to social media online. People post their questions, ideas, feedback and all kind of information online. You can join the conversation and offer your expertise.

Engaging online can be of huge advantage not just to your business but also to your website. You can post links to your website resources, articles, documents on these websites and create links back to your website. The more ‘backlinks’ to your website, the better it is for search engine rankings.

At the end of the day, social media can be overwhelming. It’s not practical to engage in every single conversation out there. Choose your medium, choose your topics, and select your conversations and audience. Don’t engage in social media for the sake of it. If you don’t know where to start, you can start by choosing a current trend in the market. Have an objective, an integrated strategy and keep it nice and simple.

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