Google+ You – will you click?

In an effort to get a bigger piece of the Social Media pie, Google announced a new service called Google Plus. Apparently, popularity of facebook has now started to hurt Google a little and with the failure of Google Buzz which was launched in early 2010, it seems that Google is now getting desperate. ‘Buzz’ wasn’t the only failure of the search giant. Google placed a lot of hope on ‘Orkut’ few years back, but it failed. Google also tried to buy facebook, but the offer was turned down by facebook.

Now, for Google the only way forward is to go head to head with facebook. But facebook has gone much stronger over the recent years and it will be a hard battle to fight. Anyhow, let’s take a look at Google Plus.

What is Google Plus:

Google’s new social media website. In many respects, it is very similar to facebook. The look & feel, and many features resemble facebook with a few improvements and innovative features. Is that enough to win people over? Decide for yourself. Google Plus currently offers five key features:

Circles: A very creative feature! Circles are essentially groups and they have made it very user-friendly. You can have different conversation with different groups such as your family, close friends, other friends, colleagues etc. Others will not see what circle you have placed them in. Nice and private! Good attempt by Google to handle groups.

Hangouts: Truly a brilliant feature & surely first of its kind! With Hangouts, you can have video chat with a number of friends online. People can drop-in & out of the hangout or you can keep it limited to a select few friends. Within a week of Google Plus’s launch and it’s revelation of Hangouts, Facebook also announced its Video chat feature powered by Skype. Obviously, the war has started.

Instant Uploads: This is another innovative feature! You can take and instantly upload pictures from your mobile. It gets saved in a private folder. You can share it if you like with a click of a button.

Sparks: Well, name it what you like, to me this is just a ‘Add to Favourites’ feature. You can search, add stuff and share.

Huddle: Huddle on the other hand is a group chat feature, another creative idea by Google, an alternative to SMSs.

As per Google, this is just the beginning. Let’s see how it evolves. As to whether Google Plus will be able to surpass facebook? I will be surprised if it does in the next one year but by then, who knows what else we’ll have in the mix… So, that’s the latest from the web world. Stay warm and let me know your thoughts on it.

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