iPad for businesses

Apple calls it ‘a new way to work’, personal feelings aside, just because something is irresistibly cool, that doesn’t necessarily make it a good investment for your business. However when you want a computer device that is as portable as a mobile and as versatile as a laptop, you just can’t go past the iPad. To find out if you really need an iPad, think about the following:

If and when you are away from your desk, what is the nature of your work? If you are doing sales, attending meetings, gathering data etc, an iPad could be helpful.

An iPad has its limitations when it comes to document processing and other computer tasks. You can’t really replace the traditional workstation yet. It is only helpful when you want to continue working on the move.

If an iPad is something that you can see your business using, then the next question that comes to mind is how you can maximize the returns of investment. Below are some of the things you can do:

General / Sales / Marketing
Obviously, you can use it to check your emails, browse the internet, review & update documents on the go, use it for presentation, connect & collaborate and use CRMs all while you are away from your desk.

Data collection Manual paper work is the thing of the past. The iPad is perfect for data collection tasks. From filling out simple online forms to carrying out inspections, an iPad can be an ideal tool for gathering data.

Business Process Management For most businesses, managing team efficiency and meeting deadlines is one of the most crucial tasks. You can empower your business on the go with such tools to help you and them reduce gaps in communication, allocate resources efficiently and keep track of any deadlines.

In essence, if you are looking to maximise business productivity for your mobile staffs, consider iPad. It’s light, very portable, robust and as Steve Jobs says ‘it just works’. iPad apps can be built specifically for your business needs and the possibilities are endless.

When the iPad was first launched, I called it Apple’s hat-trick and it has turned out to be just that. When you are on the move, a tool such as an iPad could make you more productive. Let me know your thoughts on it. Give me a call on 1300 785 230 or get in touch via Contact us form. Have a great day!

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