Build your own computer

Get your next computer in a flatpack

Forget walking into a retail store to buy your next computer, you will soon be able to build your own computers. Here is a very exciting piece of technology for you and your kids to look out for. Kano is a start up trying to raise capital for this great idea. Listen to this:

DIY – Build your own computer

The best part is the price! It could cost as little as $99. Beat that!

Why would you want to build your own computer? Well, same reason as to why you would want to get a cabinet flatpack. It’s cost effective, flexible and fun! Here is another reason; watch this video;

Monkey vs. Macbook


In essence, i think it’s a great concept. Very similar to that ‘build your own mobile phone’ video we posted on facebook in September. In case you missed it, here is the link;

Build your own mobile phone

Liked the idea? Visit their website to support it: Kano website