KISG - Keep It Simple Genius

Keep It Simple Genius

Leonardo da Vinci once said;

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

The same applies to the User Experience when you are designing anything. Every user is different and so is every website or app. In many cases, the engagement level boils down to one thing; how user-friendly it looks and feels to your users. User experience (abbreviated as UX) is exactly that; how users perceives the experience to be, while using with your digital product. It is why Apple became Apple. Even though they sell devices, the primary reason why people buy their phones, tablets and computers is because of the user experience. I have seen as young as a 1-year-old using an Apple device with ease; it’s amazing. User Interface ultimately dictates the user interaction.

Simplicity is not that simple, it’s a complex algorithm. It’s hard for us humans to let to our control. It’s hard to trust our instincts. The fear of failure is hard to avoid. It takes courage.

User interface (UI) plays an important role in our daily lives. It is not just about making it user friendly, but taking it to the next level. It is about understanding who the users are, what are they looking for, how are they behaving and being
able to design your website or applications accordingly. UX is more about
intuition and emotional connection with the user. I have found simplicity to be the most complex art and clarity is the key to it.

Forget the KISS formula. They got it wrong. It was supposed to be KISG for Keep It Simple Genius!

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