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Build your own computer

Get your next computer in a flatpack

Forget walking into a retail store to buy your next computer, you will soon be able to build your own computers. Here is a very exciting piece of technology for you and your kids to look out for. Kano is a start up trying to raise capital for this great idea. Listen to this:

DIY – Build your own computer

The best part is the price! It could cost as little as $99. Beat that!
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digital economy

Your business and digital economy

The way we did business 25 years ago is very different to today, and to what it will be in the next 25 years. The world and the economic landscapes are changing fast. Many of the traditional ways are no longer applicable. To put it simply, digital economy is based on the online trades and consumption of goods and services over internet. Let us analyse a few numbers on this. About 94% of Australians have access to internet and about 10 million Australians purchased something online last year. Australian eCommerce could reach about $39 billion this year. It comes to around $3500 per person online every year, which is only a fraction of our yearly earnings. This number is only going to grow as infrastructures improve. The question is, how is it affecting your business today and what is your strategy for the future?
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iPad for businesses

Apple calls it ‘a new way to work’, personal feelings aside, just because something is irresistibly cool, that doesn’t necessarily make it a good investment for your business. However when you want a computer device that is as portable as a mobile and as versatile as a laptop, you just can’t go past the iPad. To find out if you really need an iPad, think about the following:

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Keeping pace with WWW in 2011

Let me introduce the elephant in the room. Last year Australia’s internet users grew to more than 17 million and approximately 9.5 million Facebook users. Eighty per cent of Australians are now using the Internet. More often than not, customers will check out your website before they do any business with you. But, when it comes to improving websites, we don’t always know where to start or what to fix. So, let me share my three golden rules for websites.

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Website basics – where to start?

If you don’t have a website and would like to know where to start, here’s how to start a website.

1. Domain name
First, you need a domain name for your website. This is just like registering a name for the internet. For example ‘’. To register an Australian domain name for your business, you need to have a business name or company registered. If you have selected a website development company, then they should be able to organise this for you.
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