Turning the United States and The West into a Third World S*#thole

President Donald Trump has recently come under intense fire from the Left for allegedly telling members of Congress in a private meeting that African nations, El Salvador and Haiti were “s*#thole countries.” Notwithstanding (a) whether he actually said these things and (b) the Democrats that repeated what was said in a private strategy session are treacherous tattle-tales, the truth remains: there are regions of the world that are, in fact, s*#tholes.

Having served in uniform in diverse Islamic countries like Afghanistan and Iraq and travelled to Malawi and other Sub-Saharan African states, I am real glad these United States derived their culture mostly from Europe. And, when I travel to Germany, Austria and England, I want to see Christkindlesmarkts, Wiener Kaffeehaus and Chichester Cathedral not the rotting, stinking plague-ridden ghettos of the Third World. Why is this so horrible?

If the immigrants from foreign lands want to come and live in America as Americans, not carry on their own subcultures as well as despise Christendom, then fine. But, look around the Muslim  arrondissements of Paris or the “Little Mogadishu” neighborhoods of Minnesota and Maine to gain an understanding of how this will work out. President Trump may not have said it as eloquently as possible, but he is spot-on.

Eight years of Barack Obama kept friends of mine from Czech Republic – friends who speak five languages and have a hard work ethic – from gaining their US citizenship. Yet, he let dregs from Syria, Africa and other s*#tholes pour into our Republic, instantly dying voting districts deep blue. If you do not think this was the intent of the rat bastards that complained about President Trump’s language, then I have a bridge to sell you in Haiti.

Lastly, I am sick to death of these shallow, naive progressive commentators throwing the “racist” bomb at those that dare state the obvious. If it is racist for me to want my country to be successful, clean and free, then I must be a racist. However, I suggest that those that call me such actually travel to the places I have been and try to speak their mind or practice their religion. They will get a very rude awakening.

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