The Sad Legal Perversity of the Military SHARP Programs

When I was in college, graduate school or the military, if a male and female soldier (or student) both voluntarily became intoxicated then had sloppy sex, the worst outcome might be one or both taking the “walk of shame” back to their own barracks or dorm room. Nowadays in the military, thanks to the likes of Claire McCaskill and a legion of Sexual Assault Response Coordinator/Victim Advocates (SARC/VA) the military has spawned, the female soldier is a de facto and de jure “victim” and the male will likely face a General Court-Martial or unfavorable administrative separation from service.

The first sign that this is a one-way street of sexism is the fact that the military rarely, if ever, charges the female with rape or sexual assault based on the same facts predicate. If little Jane is a presumed victim, how then can she be expected to join the ranks of the Infantry or Special Forces? Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) programs ignore human nature, the ways of the world and are lopsidedly implemented to the clear detriment of male warriors.

But, another insidious and legally problematic result of this uneven judicial result is the underlying state of Unlawful Command Influence (UCI) – the bane of a fair military justice system –that results from SARCs putting up trite posters that read, “It’s Harassment, Not a Compliment.” Besides distorting normal human interface, it is absurd on its face. For Heaven’s sake, how is it harassment to say, “Hey Chief, your Dress Uniform looks sharp”? Beyond such silliness is when allegations of harassment become offensively used as the best defense to an underlying offense committed by a female member. And, via a horrible convergence of SHARP and legal offices more concerned about protecting their commanders rather than seeking justice, UCI occurs.

A recent case-in-point involved a female officer/helicopter pilot in the 82D Airborne Division who was a serial adulteress. When confronted by her chain of command with one of her divers unlawful acts of fornication (remember, adultery is still a criminal offense under the UCMJ), she and a female colleague cooked up a sexual assault charge against her husband (also a helicopter pilot in the 82D Airborne Division).

Despite these charges being unsubstantiated by the initial Army investigation, as well as the Hartnett County, NC Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Division, the Army preferred charges against this woman’s husband after the Office of the Staff Judge Advocate and the Division Commander were pressured by the Sexual Assault Response Coordinator/Victim Advocate (SARC/VA) and the female officer’s civilian counsel.

End result: the cheating spouse gets sent to Officer’s Advance Course and Graduate School and the husband gets convicted of Sexual Assault, imprisoned and Dishonorably Discharged! This, despite the fact that the husband recently flew valorous missions in Afghanistan, flying his helicopter between the Taliban and the American lines in order to provide covering fire for friendly forces. So, a whoring wife is rewarded and a hero falsely convicted all so that the Army leadership can loudly proclaim, “We take sexual assaults seriously.” No more Task Force Smiths, my ass. America’s armed forces may be free of normal male-female relations, but it will soon get shot in the face on a battlefield with a near peer competitor if this whole SHARP nonsense is not repealed.

How to Fix a Pig: Time for State Control of Baltimore’s Policing?

In 1981, when I started my law enforcement career as a 21-year-old Patrolman in Baltimore’s Southeastern District, we were blessed with Iron Sergeants.  These first line police leaders maintained discipline, knew themselves the fundamentals of policing, and who understood that young officers needed mentorship. We learned the job from men that walked a beat and who were inspired by the ideal of keeping “their” neighborhood safe.

Such a chain of inspiration was broken on the anvil of arrest and statistics-driven policing wrought sometime over the next decade or so. Hence, Iron Sergeants are now in very short supply in Baltimore. I’m not sure anyone there is anyone left in the Department with the knowledge and authority to reforge them.

The Southeast back then, as were the other eight districts, was divided into four Sectors; each sector comprised of at least five officers and a sergeant per shift.  If I tried to use a leave day, my sergeant would first check the roll to see if we had enough officers to man the shift. If not, no leave. In an area once covered by twenty-four officers, it is now not uncommon for the entire District to be covered by only eight officers per shift.

Crime is on the increase, to wit: marauding groups of youths beating pedestrians and a homicide rate on track for another record. And, remember, these new homicide rates are in a city with a population that dropped from 760,000 residents in 1981 to 575,000 today.  It is physically impossible for eight officers provide security and safety to businesses and citizenry in any police district and the criminals know it.

The Department is also extremely top-heavy with specialized units, some which appear to be nothing more than self-licking ice cream cones for the sick, lame and lazy.  The result of trend after trend in police technologies, psychologies and management styles, none of these positions appear to be subject to sunset clauses. Not surprisingly, those occupying such benighted positions are not policing and certainly not learning to be Iron Sergeants.

A Department run by virtuous leaders – competent, morally courageous, self-disciplined and just – would turn it around to be a citizen-focused organization. Such a change would certainly involve disbanding half those oxygen thief positions in Headquarters and manning Patrol to levels commensurate to what they were 30 years ago.  Most importantly, it would demand officers get out of their vehicles and increase police-populace contacts.

All of this is a dream, however, if officers doing the right thing don’t have the political top-cover to shield them from fiscal and criminal liability from inexperienced, shallow and politically motivated persons. Some say Baltimore deserves the leadership it elects. As a born and raised Baltimorean, I am not so quick to throw it onto the Detroit Express.

In the tumultuous Sixties, the State of Maryland rested control of the Department from the City of Baltimore. Commissioner Donald Pomerleau, the man who signed my first set of credentials, brought discipline and order the policing from 1965-1981. Perhaps, it is time to do the same thing again. It would provide shelter for both police and populace from a helter skelter environment that plagues each.


Turning the United States and The West into a Third World S*#thole

President Donald Trump has recently come under intense fire from the Left for allegedly telling members of Congress in a private meeting that African nations, El Salvador and Haiti were “s*#thole countries.” Notwithstanding (a) whether he actually said these things and (b) the Democrats that repeated what was said in a private strategy session are treacherous tattle-tales, the truth remains: there are regions of the world that are, in fact, s*#tholes.

Having served in uniform in diverse Islamic countries like Afghanistan and Iraq and travelled to Malawi and other Sub-Saharan African states, I am real glad these United States derived their culture mostly from Europe. And, when I travel to Germany, Austria and England, I want to see Christkindlesmarkts, Wiener Kaffeehaus and Chichester Cathedral not the rotting, stinking plague-ridden ghettos of the Third World. Why is this so horrible?

If the immigrants from foreign lands want to come and live in America as Americans, not carry on their own subcultures as well as despise Christendom, then fine. But, look around the Muslim  arrondissements of Paris or the “Little Mogadishu” neighborhoods of Minnesota and Maine to gain an understanding of how this will work out. President Trump may not have said it as eloquently as possible, but he is spot-on.

Eight years of Barack Obama kept friends of mine from Czech Republic – friends who speak five languages and have a hard work ethic – from gaining their US citizenship. Yet, he let dregs from Syria, Africa and other s*#tholes pour into our Republic, instantly dying voting districts deep blue. If you do not think this was the intent of the rat bastards that complained about President Trump’s language, then I have a bridge to sell you in Haiti.

Lastly, I am sick to death of these shallow, naive progressive commentators throwing the “racist” bomb at those that dare state the obvious. If it is racist for me to want my country to be successful, clean and free, then I must be a racist. However, I suggest that those that call me such actually travel to the places I have been and try to speak their mind or practice their religion. They will get a very rude awakening.