Traitors in the NFL

I grew up in Baltimore watching the likes of Johnny Unitas, Raymond Berry and Jim Mutscheller play football. The notion that any of these great men would not have stood for the playing of The Star Spangled Banner is anathema. Now, a generation later, an NFL head coach berates the sole player who did stand for our Country’s anthem. Pittsburgh Steeler head coach publicly criticized Alejandro Villanueva, a combat veteran and Bronze Star recipient, for choosing to defy his cowardly, petulant teammates who “boycotted” the anthem at this week’s game.

             The absurdity of Colin Kapernick et al’s protests over our “racist” national anthem is difficult to articulate in polite terms. Here are a group of overpaid, emotionally unstable professional victims “protesting” a state of affairs that does not exist: I.e., a color barrier in America and, most especially, the NFL. If discrimination were truly calculable by statistics, the NFL is way out of line. When Black men make up approximately 6% of the population, how is it that they take up a large majority of the NFL? But, such matters are not so easily tolled. Instead of disrespecting the flag that represents all men and women, regardless of color or creed, they would do better to take steps tot ameliorate the grossly disproportionate number of illegitimate children being born into the Black community.

Shame on the NFL owners and coaches for enabling these overpaid, under qualified crybabies. I hope the NFL goes into the tank where it belongs. Then, under proper management, the likes of Alejandro Villanueva could be hired by teams such as existed in Johnny Unitas’ day, where it was a pleasure to watch true professionals play their best with pride in self and Country.