Robert E. Lee: Seen Clearly Through Eyes of History


James Patterson and John Taylor

Amongst all the petit and pusillanimous viewpoints expressed by the AntiFa terrorists and, sadly, most of mainstream media types, is that Robert E. Lee was a tyrant and horrible man. History disavows such silliness. It was Abraham Lincoln who subscribed to the theory that the Constitution isn’t a suicide pact and he wasn’t going to let it get in the way of winning; hence: the Alien and Sedition Acts, jailing everyone who loudly opposed what he was doing; and, the suspension of the right of Habeas Corpus.  Lee, on the other hand, was a complex man living in an era where the States reigned supreme over the Federal Government, which then was really not very powerful.  It was, among other things, the Civil War that helped create the Federal leviathan we now know.  Should we start tearing down Lincoln memorials?  No, of course not.

But all that is much too complex and nuanced for the Maoist mob leading our version of the Cultural Revolution.  Lee was an honorable man who – at one time – was offered command of the Union Army.  He lived his creed and the creed of our then-Federalist construct and chose Virginia over the monolithic construct of one Federal Government. I get it: the North won the Civil War. But, that in no means detracts from Lee’s standing in history as a great and virtuous leader.

Even Lee’s opponents during (and after) the Civil War had great respect for him. How dare we, so long after the fact, hold him to the standards of this generation. To do so is intellectually dishonest and fool’s errand … and members of the domestic terror group AntiFa are, at best, fools. At worst, they are a far greater threat to Liberty than Robert E. Lee ever was.

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