Comey’s Testimony from the Perspective of a Real FBI Agent

(sent to me from a real FBI Agent and American hero)
What we saw today was an Academy award performance by a disgruntled former employee who was fired for his actions or lack of them. Comey can rant and rave all he wants and paint this picture that, “I’m an honest man surrounded by a sea full of Washington sharks.” When, in fact, he is as much of a shark as anybody else is in Washington.
But the real Comey came to light for all to see when he related how – after he had been fired (to which I can only say boo fucking hoo) – he called up on the ledge a friend of his and gave him his notes. What Mr. Comey conveniently forgets is that those notes are the property of the FBI!  Then, being the standup guy that he would have you believe that he is, he asked that friend to read these documents to the New York Times. We all get tests in our life to determine the strength of our character, and our backbone, and whether or not we actually have a pair. And at that defining moment of Mr. Comey’s life, he failed the test miserably. Proving without a shadow of a doubt that he is a typical Washington weasel.
The only thing that saved his ass was the stupefying performance by the senior senator of Arizona, the “Honorable” John S McCain. As my wife remarked, “Does he even know what planet he’s on?” McCain appeared to have drank his breakfast at the nearby “21st Amendment” – a Capitol Hill watering hole. Several times during his agonizing seven minutes of fame and glory, McCain referred to “President Comey” and actually asked Comey if Mr.  Comey was aware of what “President Comey” had said. It was a sad, sad performance for a man who has served his country for so long. It was however a solid reason as to why these bozos on The Hill should be subjected to term limits. McCain needs to go. He proffered some half-assed excuse about watching a late night baseball game. Memo to the senator – “You no longer a hotshot pilot trying to bullshit a squadron commander over one of your numerous screw ups. McCain forgets that you’re only as good as your last performance.