Orwell visits Baltimore: Or, how a police officer is pilloried for telling the truth

            Recently, my former colleague from Baltimore Police Department’s Southeastern District, Lieutenant Vic Gearhart, was suspended for calling members of the George Soros-funded Black Lives Matter group “thugs.”  In all honesty, that is one of the more polite monikers that pack of animals deserves.  The words “domestic terrorists” or “anarchists” are more accurate but no less offensive.  How is it that speaking the truth would get a thirty-four year veteran of Baltimore’s thin blue line in hot water?  Well, because Baltimore’s political and senior police leadership has consistently proven itself incapable of self-governance.  By trying to deal with the Devil, they have ended up selling their souls to him.

            While I recognize that the use of gratuitously foul language is the sign of a weak mind and intemperate spirit, I concurrently recognize that most Americans, to include my beloved Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines and Peace Officers, do not speak like my literary heroes Hilaire Belloc or William F Buckley, Jr.  They understand the ground truth.  And, as witnessed by the horrors they have caused to the communities in Ferguson, Baton Rouge, Philadelphia, Dallas, Milwaukee and Baltimore, the ground truth is that Black Lives Matter is a domestic terror group that is predicated on lies, to wit: Mike Brown was shot for no reason; law enforcement are killing a disproportionate number of blacks; and the Black Urban communities in America are somehow victims.  

            Unfettered by the thought of losing an appointed police “leadership” position in Baltimore, I will not bend to Fascism in the guise of political correctness.  Hence, let’s examine the facts:

1. That so-called “Gentle Giant” Mike Brown was a 6’4” 300 pound bully who was caught red-handed committing a strong-arm robbery.  When officer Darryl Wilson approached him and his accomplice, Brown charged Wilson’s patrol vehicle, leaned into the driver’s window and proceeded to savagely beat Wilson.  When Brown reached for Wilson’s service weapon, Wilson quickly drew it and fired two shots at Brown, striking him in the arm.  Brown’s colleague cowardly sprinted home to the projects, where he promptly started Tweeting the lie heard around the Nation, “The police shot Mike when he had his hands up and saying don’t shoot.”  He was not there and that never happened! Mike Brown – like so many street hoodlums who willfully disobey lawful orders to surrender – was the author of his own misfortune.  

2. Armed, uniformed police officers are assaulted over 66,000 times per year according to the FBI, and that is only those cases that are reported to the National Crime Information Center (NCIC).  Many times, officers do not report the instances where they are assaulted in the line of duty because that charge would be an afterthought in comparison with the seriousness of the other charges: murder, rape, armed robbery, etc.  I know that Vic Gearhart and I routinely did not report assaults upon our person committed during such arrests.  As an expert in the use of force, I can make a colorable argument that if one assaults an armed, uniform police officer, deadly force may be authorized.  Police are not punching bags and there is always a weapon present (accounting for the fact that 17% of the officers killed in the line-of-duty are killed with their own weapons).  Of the 66,000 assaults, 15,500 of them are committed with a dangerous and deadly weapon. As a matter of law, if one assaults a cop with a dangerous and deadly weapon, deadly force if authorized. Guess what? Cops only shoot and kill 500-800 suspects annually nationwide! So, this notion that we are killing people indiscriminately is balderdash. 

3. Black urban communities, where out-of-wedlock pregnancy is out-of-control and children are allowed to run amok on the streets absent any meaningful supervision, is the root cause of such hooliganism.  Shamefully, when a Jesuit sponsored high school – one of the few institutions that tries to make a dent in this dire situation – it too is pilloried in the media and “Black” community for holding one of its students to standard.  Moreover, the overwhelming numbers of black murder victims are killed not by law enforcement but by their own kin. So, “Black Lives Matter” would be well served to hold a mirror up and take a hard look into it.  The likelihood of that happening in 21st Century Baltimore is nil. 

            So, in light of all of these unerring facts, when one white police lieutenant dares to call Black Lives Matter thugs “thugs,” the Newspeak Press pillories him and the cowardly Baltimore Police Department Command Staff and Commissioner jump to that discordant tune.  Sad indeed.

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